If you are a software developer who’s also into games, you’d no doubt find the field of game reversal particularly interesting, especially mmo type games where you face off against live opponents. Take a game like H1Z1 – a zombie apocalypse survival mmo kind. How cool would it be to run around with an active radar that would allow you to see stuff your opponents can’t (as a case in point consider one of the few popular esp radars out there like h1c1.com).

And whereas it is nice to just grab a readily available radar off the shelf (if you have the $$), what I find more exciting and personally full-filling is to build one yourself.

So what does it take to break a game, how’d one go about building own radar for example?

Well first off you’d need to get the right tools for the job.. some of the key ones are

Reclass (intro)



CheatEngine (careful as this could often get you banned right off the bat!)

Granted you have basic understanding how these tools work, you are ready for the prime time!

Tutorial: Building an H1Z1 Radar